Atkin trustees, actuaries, consultants & administrators

Why us

Whether you are only just starting out in your chosen career or you have years of experience, we believe there are no limits to what you can offer. Whilst we have standard practices for guidance, we encourage individuals to use their own judgement and unlike some organisations, our people are not obliged to follow a single approach and can work on their own initiative. The key to our success is our customised and innovative advice and the trust we put in our people to deliver this service.

Close personal relationships: Our clients tend to be smaller schemes that require a hands on and collaborative approach to managing their pension scheme and resolving issues. We do not believe that the Scheme Actuary should only appear every three years at valuation time but instead should be pro-active and engaged with the client. This gives you the opportunity to really get to know your clients and provide advice that is tailored to their particular circumstances.

Diversity of clients and projects: We do not believe in pigeon-holing. Every member of the team will work on a large variety of clients and projects, from scheme actuarial appointments to Independent Trustee appointments to investment advice to schemes in PPF assessment periods to advising employers participating in Local Government Pension Schemes. This is alongside the many opportunities there are to get involved in the management and strategy of the business.

Encouraging creativity and challenging the status quo: We believe that the best consultants have an imaginative flair, which when combined with commercial common sense means our clients receive innovative, relevant and effective advice. We encourage our team to ask questions and think outside of the box which can often lead them along paths they would never have expected at the outset.

Delegating responsibility early: Whether it is giving an administrator a data audit to manage or a graduate trainee a client to manage or involving a newly qualified actuary in team management or leading a marketing initiative, we believe in delegating responsibility early. This allows our team to make their mark and take ownership.

“Working as a graduate for an intimate company like Atkin & Co has provided me with the opportunity to apply my numerate skills in a practical way, the confidence to develop my own techniques to tackle challenges and the skills to communicate with a wide range of people from Senior Directors to members of pension schemes. With the comprehensive study package provided by Atkin & Co and additional support provided by the Actuarial department (including University lecturers and exam markers), Atkin & Co is certainly a company that I hope to achieve great success with.”

Actuarial Consultant

Adding real value: As our staff stay close to both the clients and the scheme members they get to see the real tangible differences they can make. Often our clients have schemes that are so large relative to the company that our advice can make a real difference as to whether the company continues or not.

Flat management structure: All of our senior management team are involved in everyday client work and therefore are accessible to every member of the team. However, we go further than this and there is always the opportunity to work closely with the management team on internal development projects whether it is a new marketing initiative or a system design or an overhaul of a template. Not only do you get to develop close relationships with them but can influence the overall direction and strategy of the business.

Value driven: Our internal values are important to us and we try and apply them in all we do. In particular we value everyone’s opinion and are always ready to listen to their ideas.

Small integrated teams: We operate using small integrated teams that will include experts from across the pensions landscape (including actuarial, investment, administration and trusteeship). We encourage knowledge sharing and our approach allows problems and issues to be considered from all perspectives.

Opportunity to define your own experience: With such a breadth of different projects and clients, alongside the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of running the business (from marketing to product development to compliance), it is possible to carve out a role that suits you. We are always interested in new ideas and more than willing to back our people to develop them, offering both advice and support gained from setting up and running a business for 20 years.

Work life balance: We believe in our staff maintaining a healthy work life balance which is reflected in our work policies and the benefits we offer.

On a personal note, I would like to thank you for your professional yet friendly approach. Always astute and never stuffy, however busy you undoubtedly get. Your innovative nature is an added bonus; Scheme Hub is excellent. I enjoy working with you and when you consider our interaction concerns pensions, that is saying something!

Lee, Administration and Actuarial client