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Effective risk management is one of the primary concerns of pension scheme trustees and their sponsors. The costs of running a pension scheme can be volatile and it is easy to feel exposed in the many areas of uncertainty – legislative/regulatory changes, unpredictable financial markets, the dangers of incomplete or inaccurate data and ever-increasing life expectancy to name but a few.

This is particularly the case now with bond yields at all time lows (pushing up the value of the liabilities on both ongoing and buy-out bases), company cashflows under increasing pressure and an increasing legislative/regulatory burden as the Pensions Regulator flexes its muscles.

We help our clients to manage risk in their scheme in a way which best suits their specific circumstances and at the most opportune time. We understand that not every client will have the same objectives and not all the available options will prove cost-effective in every situation. We can discuss the suitability of the many options available to you, for example:

  • investigating the risk transfer products available in the insurance market, such as longevity swaps and buy-in options
  • exploring the options relating to the structure of the benefits provided to members of your scheme in relation to future benefit accrual
  • giving members additional options for how to take benefits which they have already accrued
  • supporting trustees in the day to day management of their scheme and ensuring they understand their responsibilities and the complex legislative framework the scheme fits in to
  • implementing an appropriate investment strategy including discussing liability-driven strategies and switching targets to lock in gains

The insurance market is full of solutions developed to address the various risk areas. These solutions are becoming increasingly attractive to schemes of all sizes as new products are released and pricing has become much more competitive in recent times. We are experienced in liaising with potential providers to find a solution which meets our client’s risk reduction criteria, and at a price which is both affordable and represents good value for money.

As a team of experts with experience of the many different roles of scheme management, we view risk management solutions from every angle to ensure our advice addresses the needs of all parties impacted by any potential changes. We will ensure that our advice, and any options, are communicated both clearly and professionally. We are experienced in project managing transitions and implementations which are likely to involve many parties including trustees, sponsors, scheme members, legal advisors and administrators.

We have worked with Atkin Trustees for many years on a wide range of cases and issues. They adopt a sensibly practical approach to trusteeship, focusing on outcomes for members. They’re also a nice bunch of people to work with.

Philip W Sutton, Partner, Squire Sanders (UK) LLP