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PPF Assessment

Since its introduction, the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) has evolved enormously and continues to do so in its aim to provide scheme members certainty and security as quickly as possible following the insolvency of their employer.

We have worked with the PPF from the start and have been involved in many of its major initiatives since. Our Head of Trustee Services, Richard Bryant, worked on one of the first three schemes to transfer to the PPF in 2005. We have worked on some of the first schemes to be selected for the PPF’s ‘assess and pay ‘ initiative, which set the standard for moving schemes into the PPF quickly, pragmatically and cost effectively. More recently, one of our schemes was involved in the PPF’s GMP equalisation pilot project.

Most member and nominated trustees will not have experience of PPF assessment (and probably would not want to). We are well versed in taking schemes through assessment and have extensive experience of identifying the many issues that can crop up so that these can be resolved at an early stage so that the scheme can transfer in the shortest possible timeframe.

Many ‘lay’ trustees will wish to remain in their post as they have vast knowledge of the scheme and wish to inform and help the members during this stressful period. Some trustee boards may feel that they will benefit from the appointment of an independent trustee during PPF assessment or an adviser with suitable PPF project management skills.

The PPF entry requirements are very specific and can sometimes cause uncertainty and difficulties for trustees who may not have been aware there was an issue. For example, the insolvency of the principal employer may not trigger PPF entry if there is another participating employer, even though it may have stopped trading some years ago. We have worked on a variety of schemes where PPF entry was not immediate and required very specific solutions to overcome the obstacles.

As an Independent Trustee with experience working on schemes that have entered into the PPF we can help manage the process ensuring that it is carried out as seamlessly as possible with minimal impact on members, managing the advisors to ensure that costs are reasonable and providing the existing Trustees with confidence that they are making decisions alongside an experienced professional.

We believe that Atkin & Co take the burden of administration away from the trustees and feel confident that the work is completed by competent and knowledgeable staff. We would recommend them as an excellent service provider.

Abigail Watts, Pitman Trustees