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Benefit Strategy

At the moment it seems that the pensions landscape is changing almost daily. We can ensure you capitalise on the opportunities this presents and manage the risks by:

  • Responding effectively to new legislation and market practice
  • Adapting your benefits design to remain relevant and valued
  • Educating employees to take effective savings decisions
  • Adopting new technologies to improve the delivery of reward
  • Reviewing benefit providers to ensure best terms and service delivery

We specialise in providing services to small and medium sized schemes which require a more collaborative, innovative and practical approach that relies on a close working relationship with the client.

Managing costs

We believe that your funding strategy should take into account the strength of the company covenant, the investment strategy and actuarial valuation. It is only by considering how all three interact that the risks can be properly evaluated and a journey plan put in place. We have therefore developed an approach that focuses on all three of these areas with the covenant being examined from the perspective of the scheme rather than in isolation.

As the best protection that a scheme can have against adverse experience is a strong employer, we believe that this should be reflected in the funding strategy. We work with companies and Trustees to take them through the process and negotiate a recovery plan that is fair to all parties and leaves the scheme in the best possible position.

Corporate Transactions

It is vital that pension issues are properly considered whichever side of a corporate transaction you might sit. Insufficient attention to these issues can often result in the financial benefits of the deal being overshadowed by the impact of the pension scheme and its liabilities.

However, we understand that pensions can often be considered quite late in the proceedings and therefore our focus is on providing appropriate and speedy due diligence in an understandable format. In this way, the potential impact of pensions on a deal can be assessed early on and any deal restructured accordingly.

Once an initial indication of the financial impact of the pension scheme has been reviewed we believe that there is a need for more in-depth due diligence to ensure that there are no hidden risks.

Our services include:

  • Advice on pension benefit design
  • Consultancy during company sale, purchase or merger
  • Advice stemming from changes in law or employee benefit practice
  • Advice on winding up or scheme closure
  • Managing impact of benefits on corporate finances

Atkin & Co has a friendly atmosphere to work in with an office which is set for the future. The staff are an enthusiastic, welcoming team that work closely together to deliver a professional and efficient service.

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