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We believe that both trustees and employers should communicate more frequently and in a much more user-friendly manner with members and employees.

The dangers of poor communication are many and varied:

  • For DB schemes, employers are having to pay ever increasing amounts in order to provide pension benefits. If staff do not appreciate the value of the benefits offered then the employer might want to question whether its pension contribution is money well spent.

  • For DC schemes, members can misunderstand the risks they carry and end up with insufficient benefits to retire when they wish, forcing them to remain in work.
  • Poorly worded communications can lead to stress on behalf of the member as well as additional queries and work for the scheme advisors, creating additional costs.
  • We have come across many examples where ill thought out announcements and deeds have become real headaches, causing confusion to members and resulting in significant costs to put right.

Against a background of increasingly complex legislation, negative comments in the press about pension arrangements and an environment where people are more focussed on their short term debt problems rather than the long term saving means regular and effective communication is more important than ever.

We can help trustees and employers to take a strategic approach to their communication policy ensuring that their message is put across clearly and effectively. We will work with you to ensure that your communications properly reflect your values and the people at which it is aimed. As we have experience in all aspects of pensions we can consider the message from different angles and are comfortable using the full range of media, from websites and online benefit modellers to presentations and individual benefit statements.

Special mention must go to the team who have an infectious enthusiasm for getting the job done; without exception. All are flexible, approachable and their almost tangible motivation means much pride is obviously taken in everything done. It is this attention to detail that has helped further reduce costs and burden and brought about increased levels of efficiency that no tender could establish.

Lee, Administration and Actuarial client