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Winding-up a pension scheme is a complicated process that requires careful management and expert advice. Costs can often quickly build up and deadlines missed.


Our initial report not only sets out an action plan with milestones and budgets but also identifies any issues and risks with proposed pragmatic solutions and mitigations. We ensure the process runs smoothly with targeted cost-effective consultancy and advice, which is both pragmatic and user friendly.

Member communications

We work with you to devise a communications strategy that will manage member expectations and provide them with clear, concise information. Our support ensures that this crucial aspect is done right and therefore minimising scheme member complaints and queries so that the wind-up progresses efficiently.

Liaison with third parties

We will work with your other advisers, ensuring that only the ‘right’ questions are asked. This ensures you get best value from your advisers. Our open channels of communication with regulatory bodies ensure we are aware of developments and opportunities that could progress your wind-up more efficiently.

The Legislative Framework

We are experienced at working with the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) and the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) on scheme wind-ups. This means we can streamline the process and ensure your Scheme is wound up with minimum fuss.

Trustee Training

The Pensions Regulator has put much onus on the Trustees to make decisions on behalf of their pension scheme and do so with sufficient knowledge and understanding. The Pensions Act 2004 introduced for the first time a "knowledge and understanding requirement" for trustees of occupational pension schemes.

To help trustees satisfy there legal obligations we offer bespoke training courses for trustees which can cover a wide range of topics, at all levels, for both final salary and money purchase schemes. Our integrated team which includes professional trustees and our experience of dealing with small and medium sized pension schemes means we can put together a programme designed to fit your needs which focuses on the practical issues at hand.

Scheme Health Check

Pension Schemes are complicated and often Trustees are reliant on their advisors to highlight any issues which may or may not be in their own self interest to raise. By carrying out an independent health check our integrated team can examine all aspects of your scheme to identify any issues and suggest ways they can be resolved. This gives Trustees peace of mind that their scheme has, in effect, been independently audited.

The health check will include the following

> Review of all governance and administrative procedures
> Overview of scheme documentation and rule changes
> Review of investment performance and management
> Review of expenses and advisor performance

Tendering Exercises

The costs of running a pension scheme can be significant and it is therefore important to ensure that these costs are both reasonable and their basis fully understood by all parties. As a company that offers the full range of services to small and medium sized pension schemes we have been on both sides of the re-tendering process. We are experienced at asking the right questions whilst keeping things as simple as possible.

We can work with you to carry out a re-tendering exercise that focuses on the things that you care about and reducing risk that additional “non-standard” fees are charged in the future.

Housing Associations

The Housing Association sector has undergone an enormous amount of change recently. This has touched all facets of the business and not least, the provision of pension benefits to the staff.

As a small to medium sized pension scheme specialist we have a reputation for providing practical and innovative solutions to solving pension problems. We can quickly identify the key issues which can affect your business and help you understand the options available and make the decisions which are right for your organisation.

Thank you. Excellent communication, a rarity in this world of quick communication.

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