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Current Issues - July 2017

Same-sex survivor rights: The Supreme Court has found that same-sex couples must now be treated equally with heterosexual couples in terms of survivor pension rights in respect of all of their pensionable service. Any schemes that relied on the exemption in the Equality Act 2010 will need to review whether their rules should be changed and how to notify members. Trustees should consider past payments or benefits secured via insurance policies where pre-December 2005 service was excluded from the calculations.

TPR warning to companies over dividends: TPR is concerned that there has been a significant increase in dividends paid by employers without a similar increase to pension contributions. It has restated that it will intervene to make sure pension schemes are not treated unfairly when compared to company shareholders.

Freedom and choice – FCA gets cold feet: The FCA is considering the introduction of new measures to protect individuals which might include additional protection for consumers who enter into drawdown without advice and tools to help consumers make good choices.

TPR fines Trustees for compliance failures: TPR is getting tougher, including issuing fines, with trustees who fail to comply with regulations. If Trustees are in a situation where they believe that they might not be able to meet a statutory requirement or deadline, they should engage with the TPR at the earliest stage possible.


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Special mention must go to the team who have an infectious enthusiasm for getting the job done; without exception. All are flexible, approachable and their almost tangible motivation means much pride is obviously taken in everything done. It is this attention to detail that has helped further reduce costs and burden and brought about increased levels of efficiency that no tender could establish.

Lee, Administration and Actuarial client