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Are your advisors providing a personal service

01 May 2020 / Blogs

5 questions you could ask your advisors to help you assess whether you are receiving a personal service.

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Current issues - May 2020

01 May 2020 / Newsletters

TPR – Annual Funding Statement 2020; Signing documents during lockdown; PPF Levy – the impact of Covid-19; Pension Scams – TPR issues template letter for members

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Covid-19 TPR Guidance

01 April 2020 / Newsletters

TPR has issued some straightforward, practical guidance to assist Trustees currently grappling with the many issues that the upheaval created by the coronavirus has caused.

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Current issues - April 2020

01 April 2020 / Newsletters

COVID-19 – TPR Guidance; Covid-19 - Potential effects on mortality; Protecting pension savers from scammers

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Consultation on DB funding code

01 March 2020 / Newsletters

Consultation on the proposed DB funding code

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Current issues - March 2020

01 March 2020 / Newsletters

COVID-19 – TPR Statement; Budget 2020

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Current issues - February 2020

01 February 2020 / Newsletters

Trusteeship – TPR sets out future expectations; RPI vs CPI – consultation to be launched; Pension Schemes Bill – Fears concerning criminal offence; Professional Trustee accreditation – Rival programmes launched

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Current isues - January 2020

01 January 2020 / Newsletters

PPF’s new insolvency score portal; Investment Services – Guidance on tenders and investment objectives; PPF Levy – Recognition of GMP equalisation effects; Pensions Bill – Back on track; The Bauer Judgement – Pension benefits not guaranteed in full on insolvency

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Insurers are letting down small DB schemes

28 November 2019 / Blogs

Rob talks in Professional Pensions about the difficulties small schemes face in attempting to take advantage of the bulk annuity market; even if they can afford the premiums, they are unable to transact because insurers won’t provide a price. We are talking with a number of organisations that operate in these markets about how this issue might be addressed and Rob would welcome the opportunity to talk this through with you if it is a challenge you are facing.

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Current issues - November 2019

01 November 2019 / Newsletters

TPR General Levy – Increases due; Lifetime Allowance 2020/21; GMP Equalisation – HRMC Update; General Election – Impact on legislation; TPR Guidance on ‘Employer Events’

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