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Current Issues - April

01 April 2013 / Newsletters

Current Issues – April 2013 including Pensions Issues from March budget, Government policy leads to dip in SIPP rates, Auto-enrolment DWP consultation, ONS introduces new inflation indices

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Current Issues - March

01 March 2013 / Newsletters

Current Issues – March 2013 including TPR spot checks on record keeping, ABI launches annuity purchase Code of Conduct, Pension liberation fraud, Deadlines for PPF levy, UK stripped of AAA rating, Changes to Disclosure of Information requirements, HSBC’s report on “The future of retirement: a new reality”

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Has inflation targeting had its day?

27 February 2013 / Blogs

Following the closure of our old blog site - we have given them a new home! All views expressed in the blogs are those of the author and not of the firm as a whole.

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Current Issues - February

01 February 2013 / Newsletters

Current Issues – February 2013 including Pensions Bill 2013 and State Pension changes, Automatic Enrolment round up, Longevity improvements stall in 2012 and Calls for longer-term view on scheme funding.

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Current Issues - January

01 January 2013 / Newsletters

Current Issues – January 2013, including PPF levy update, Type A contingent asset guidance, The NEST (Amendment Order) 2013 and dynamic asset allocation

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Current Issues - December

01 December 2012 / Newsletters

Current Issues – December 2012, including the Government Autumn Statement, the Purple Book, gender discrimination and the 2013/2014 auto-enrolment thresholds

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Current Issues - November

01 November 2012 / Newsletters

Current Issues - November 2012, including Money back guarantee pensions, PPF annual report, TPR’s analysis of defined benefit pensions and National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)

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Current Issues - October

01 October 2012 / Newsletters

Current Issues - October 2012, 2013/14 auto-enrolment thresholds, IAS19 changes, Wind-up guidance, TPR record-keeping deadline

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Current Issues - September

01 September 2012 / Newsletters

Current Issues - September 2012, including short service refunds, future of Fair Deal

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Current Issues - August

01 August 2012 / Newsletters

Current Issues - August 2012, including auto-enrolment, directors' pension disclosures, 2013/2014 PPF levies

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