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A pensions present from MPs

21 December 2016 / Blogs

House of Commons - Work and Pensions Committee - Report on Defined Benefit Scheme

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Current issues - December 2016

01 December 2016 / Newsletters

Integrated Risk Management (IRM); Thwarting pension scams; RPI or CPI; GMP Equalisation; TPR and record keeping

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Current Issues - November 2016

01 November 2016 / Newsletters

Chancellor’s Autumn Statement; Trump Wins; BHS Pension Scheme – TPR loses patience; Pension Schemes Bill – Master Trust regulation; Uber – drivers are employees; Independent Review of State Pension Age (SPA)

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Current Issues - October 2016

01 October 2016 / Newsletters

Overseas Transfers; ONS Survey shows huge differences between DB and DC costs; TPR warns Trustees on cyber-security; TPR suggests triennial valuations may not be required; PPF 2017/18 levy consultation; EIOPA Report on Good Communication Practices

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Current Issues - September 2016

01 September 2016 / Newsletters

Bond yields are likely to increase deficits for many; VAT - further extension announced; PPF consultation on future levy rules; DB Deficits – Investor concern; ECJ to Rule on PPF compensation cap

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Current Issues - August 2016

01 August 2016 / Newsletters

Dumping pension schemes; Cut in interest rates and Gilt Yields; GMP equalisation; Trusteeship and governance - TPR seeks views; Pension introducers – the FCA acts; BHS fall out

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Current Issues - July 2016

01 July 2016 / Newsletters

Brexit; TPR suggests changes to DB regulation; TPR issues first ‘Chair’s Statement’ fine; New Work & Pensions Secretary

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Current Issues - June 2016

01 June 2016 / Newsletters

EU Referendum; BHS – Who says pensions are boring?; From BHS to M&S; British Steel – Unique or template for others?; Security not relevant for transfers without consent

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Current Issues - May 2016

01 May 2016 / Newsletters

TPR Funding Statement 2016; Brexit – The pensions angle; PPF Eligibility – European Sponsors; BHS – a pensions saga in the making; New pension tracing service

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Current Issues - April 2016

01 April 2016 / Newsletters

Happy New Tax Year!; Cessation of contracting out; Lifetime ISAs – Helpful or confusing; 2016 Valuations – A rough ride ahead?; Government criticized for poor information on new State Pension; Farewell Iain Duncan Smith; Atkin & Co is awarded the Quality Assurance accreditation

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