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In these times of volatile market conditions, pension scheme sponsors can feel exposed to the risk of greater contributions, longer life expectancies and ever-changing legislation and compliance issues relating to their pension arrangements. We work with employers to help them understand the issues they are concerned about and the options available to mitigate risks and reduce costs.

Our approach is to provide proactive and independent advice to employers whilst making sure that we always weigh the cost against the eventual benefits before undertaking any piece of work. We are experienced in working with different pension scheme stakeholders and our advice considers the view from all sides to ensure that changes can be made effectively and working relationships between all parties are kept friendly and transparent.

Pension Cost Accounting (FRS17/IAS19)

Pension disclosures in company accounts face intense scrutiny from shareholders and potential investors. The risks to companies of understating or over-reporting pension commitments are more acute than ever.

We provide a bespoke service to fit individual client needs. For example, some clients need a minimum fuss compliance service with a competitive fixed fee and timely accurate delivery. Other clients require a fuller service with initial estimates; meetings to discuss and agree assumptions; the delivery of extremely quick initial results; and the provision of future projections. We can help, whatever your need.

Our services to employers include:

  • Auto-Enrolment: advice on the issues including how your current pension arrangements sit with the requirements
  • Scheme design and modelling: enables employers to make educated decisions regarding the benefits to provide and their cost compared to the perceived value from the workforce
  • Scheme funding advice: innovative solutions to ensure pension scheme security without any unwelcome restrictions on the employer’s business plans and future viability
  • Covenant advisory: in depth review focussing on issues that impact on the scheme and how they can be mitigated, allowing for the covenant to be properly allowed for in the recovery plan
  • Cost management: review contribution patterns, level of expenses and PPF levy monitoring and management
  • Executive benefit arrangements: advice on arrangements and any related tax issues
  • Scheme mergers and corporate transactions
  • Risk Management: working with employers to enable them to understand and manage their pension risks in a cost-effective way
  • Investment: advice on pension scheme investments including liability matching and transitional issues
  • Communications: review and advice on communications with employees to encourage member engagement and keep jargon to a minimum
  • Company Accounts: advice and production of pension scheme information for company accounts
  • Independent Trustee: professional trustee services to manage conflicts and introduce expertise and cost management to Trustee boards
  • Tendering exercises: manage re-tendering exercise focussing on what issues are important and using our expertise to ask the right questions

On a personal note, I would like to thank you for your professional yet friendly approach. Always astute and never stuffy, however busy you undoubtedly get. Your innovative nature is an added bonus; Scheme Hub is excellent. I enjoy working with you and when you consider our interaction concerns pensions, that is saying something!

Lee, Administration and Actuarial client