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From the beginning I wanted to focus on providing a service to small and medium sized pension schemes which require a more hands on and thoughtful approach than larger schemes. They usually have similar problems as larger schemes but without the same resources to throw at them and are therefore need more innovative and collaborative solutions.

I believe there is a danger in larger firms that the larger clients can take precedence over the smaller ones and it is only by employing a specialist firm such as Atkin & Co that they are able to get the attention they need.

Chris Atkin
Managing Director


Atkin & Co is an independent company of actuaries and consultants, which was established in 1992 by Chris Atkin. Starting off with just Chris and a secretary the company has expanded primarily through word of mouth to the point where we now have two offices, one in London and the head office in Solihull.

With 30 staff members, including 6 actuaries, Atkin & Co provide over 80 clients with a full range of pension services. We specialise in delivering focused services to small and medium sized pension schemes, across the public and private sectors, which require a more collaborative, innovative and practical approach that relies on a close working relationship with the client.

We are not scared to challenge the status quo and are always looking for ways to bring the large scheme solutions down to the smaller schemes in a cost effective and practical way. Over the years we have been involved in everything from funding negotiations with Local Government Schemes to innovative negative pledge arrangements to pre FAS scheme wind ups. More recently, we have had success at bringing this “small scheme” approach focussing on excellent service, innovative solutions and practical implementation to larger schemes.

As well as pension scheme consultancy and administration services, we also provide Independent Trustee services through Atkin Trustees Limited. Our Trustees are experienced at managing schemes in all situations, including one off exercises such as wind ups, bulk transfers and PPF/FAS Assessment, as well as on an ongoing basis. By drawing on their own experience and working closely with Atkin & Co they specialise in;

  • working cooperatively to resolve issues;
  • ensuring that other Trustees are able to make confident decisions based on a thorough and complete understanding of the issues involved; and
  • making sure that advisors fees are both reasonable and tightly controlled

We have worked extensively on PPF and FAS cases, including a number of firsts;

  • one of the first three schemes to transfer to the PPF in 2005
  • one of the first schemes to be selected for the PPF’s “assess and pay” initiative, which set the standard for moving schemes into the PPF quickly, pragmatically and cost effectively, and
  • more recently, one of our schemes was involved in the PPF’s GMP equalisation pilot project

Atkin & Co is very professional and ably led. The staff are knowledgeable, competent, friendly and very customer focused. I have no hesitation in recommending that you consider the company seriously.

Tony, Administration and Actuarial client