Atkin trustees, actuaries, consultants & administrators


Honesty & Integrity

This is much more than compliance with professional standards: it is about transparency and prudent judgment. It is about being trustworthy and straightforward in all of our working relationships.

> Speak up if we think something is wrong, without fear of recrimination
> Consult and communicate in an open manner
> Give advice we believe in
> Adopt a truthful and straightforward approach, even if the message is difficult
> Seek out, and give, honest and constructive feedback

Take Personal Responsibility

We treat each other as equals. We all have a strong sense of responsibility to colleagues, clients and the firm. This empowers us and encourages us to adopt a personal perspective. We can be ourselves.

> Demonstrate faith and trust in each other
> Delegate and encourage people to take responsibility as early as possible
> Provide regular feedback and challenge each other on how we can do better
> Lead by example

Strong Personal Relationships

Our client relationships are more than just business. We aim to build long-standing relationships which help us to understand the people and businesses involved. We care about their success and are committed to delivering value. It is important that our clients enjoy working with us.

> Adopt a proactive approach and ensure we communicate with our clients regularly
> Think about the needs of our clients and what might interest them
> Take the time to understand our clients’ aspirations and service requirements
> Seek out, and respond to client feedback
> Build relationships at all levels

Mutual Support

We believe in working as a closely knit team, where information and ideas are freely shared; where we stand up for each other and do not have a blame culture; where we treat each other with consideration and respect and help each other out whenever possible.

> Help each other out by freely giving advice and sharing workload
> Ask for help when we need it and learn from our mistakes
> Share ideas, opportunities, knowledge and resources
> Try to understand each others’ points of view
> Consult and involve others in decisions

Fostering creativity & imagination

We believe that the best consultants have an imaginative flair, which when combined with commercial common sense means our clients receive innovative, relevant and effective advice. As each client and each problem are treated as a blank page we will never present generic advice.

> Adopt a proactive approach to problem solving and improvements
> Give others the freedom to try things out and support without interfering
> Create and make the most of opportunities

Rewarding Success

We believe our people are the key to our success. We work hard to ensure that this is the best possible place for them to work and develop.

> Take time out to acknowledge a job well done
> Clear objectives and career paths
> Accessible senior management aware of all areas of the business
> Early responsibility and client exposure

Challenging the Status Quo

We believe in evolution in all we do. In each piece of work we do, we challenge ourselves to consider whether or not it could be done better, be it a tweak or a fundamental change. Equally we apply this to our clients and, where appropriate, will consider whether or not established practice is in their best interests.

> Value individuality
> Show initiative and challenge our own comfort zones
> Nurture independent thinking and ideas

We enjoy working with the team at Atkin Trustees. They are easy to get along with and their technical expertise, coupled with a pragmatic approach, allows us to advise our mutual clients in a manner beneficial to all. The team draws on this wealth of experience to ensure clients get a first class service, provided in an efficient manner. This added value is something other larger organisations would struggle to provide.

Gavin Paul, Pinsent Masons